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Title: Oooh-Ahhh
Format: LP
Label: Nowhere
Country: USA
Price: $15.00
Awesome 1982-86 recordings from Russell Hoke, Mark Semmes (of the Rejects (!) and Lung Overcoat), and an anonymous friend. Several tracks were recorded in the electronic music lab of a Catholic university in south-central Texas.

"Recently released on glorious CLEAR VINYL!!!: an LP collecting truly bizarre 1982-1993 recordings by Texans Mark Semmes (of San Antonio punk group The Rejects and of alternative group Lung Overcoat fame), Russell Hoke (a San Antonio outsider folkie), and Anonymous. The music is a blend of hillbilly, industrial, eerie folk-rock and just plain WEIRD. Trace-sounds of the Residents and similar groups from the late seventies and early-to-mid-eighties can be detected, but for the most part these tracks have carved a groovy category all their own! The recordings include vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, piano, and keyboards/synthesizers. A must-have album for collectors of the very strange!" - Norman.

"In the age of social networking and digital distribution, where music fans are inundated with an endless barrage of preview tracks, video clips, and promotional blurbs, the story of little known Texas-based songwriter, Russell Hoke, reads almost like something swiped from the pages of The Acid Archives than from someone who has released four albums in 2011 alone. The truth is that Hoke had recorded a bunch of songs in the Eighties and Nineties, but has only, in the past few years, begun to actively release this material in limited, hand-assembled editions on his private press imprint, Unheard-Of." - Foxy Digitalis.

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