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Title: Proscenium
Format: LP + 7"
Label: Elevator Bath
Country: USA
Price: $23.00
"Proscenium is a subtle and remarkably controlled collection of atmospheres. The air of mystery, deliberate pacing, the deep tones and unidentified sounds of Recchions 2006 album Sweetly Doing Nothing have been explored even further here. Its a logical development but the results are unexpected and strikingly original, sounding wholly unfamiliar and yet like no ones but Tom Recchions. Prosceniums six pieces mostly began life as music for filmmaker/puppeteer Janie Geisers play "Invisible Glass," an adaptation of Poes "William Wilson." The plays intricate beauty and the storys moody confusion have been perfectly mirrored and expanded on by Recchion who used that inspiration as a leaping off point for Prosceniums rich and surprising compositions. "It was an attempt to create a sound world for the viewer that started as they entered the theater and drenched them until they left in an ongoing series of atmospheres." Tom Recchion has been a sound and visual artist/composer/art director and graphic designer in California since the 1970s. He is the co-creator of the legendary Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) and has collaborated with David Toop, Christian Marclay, Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino, and Max Eastley, among many others. Though Proscenium is only his sixth album as a solo artist, Recchion has had many recordings released by labels such as Birdman, Touch, PSF, RRR, Idea, Staubgold, and the Cortical Foundation. He has also written for The Wire magazine. Tom Recchion lives in California. Proscenium consists of one 180-gram virgin vinyl LP inside a black poly-lined sleeve, plus 7" record, each with five-color labels, housed in a full-color gatefold jacket. Included with each copy of this set is a full-color download card featuring access to high-quality MP3s of the complete contents of the vinyl records. Package imagery was created by artist Pae White and photographed by Recchion’s long time music and visual collaborator, noted photographer Fredrik Nilsen and was designed by Colin Andrew Sheffield and Tom Recchion. This package has been issued in an edition of 500 copies." -Elevator Bath.

Title: Where Were You On Christmas?/Christmas Filled With Tears
Format: 7"
Label: Meeuw Muzak
Country: Netherlands
Price: $7.25
"Tom Recchion founded the Los Angeles Free Music Society in the late seventies (and if you can find it, try and get the 10 CD box that was released on RRRecords a while ago, which is an excellent documentation), and later on worked with David Toop, Keiji Haino, John Duncan and Smegma. For his solo work he loves exotica, which was ten years ago a term for lounge music of an exotic nature. Mood music played on an organ. These titles, Recchion uses a laptop with Ableton live.. Some strict editing certainly worked well on Tom Recchion contribution to what I call the darkest days of the year, or at least the most boring days. Like Mister Meeuw I dont like Christmas very much, but its a fine day to play all your alternative tunes and avoid Last Christmas and Mister Meeuw adds every year a new tune. Tom Recchion puts on his mood tune hat, and digs for some gospel preacher preaching where you were on christmas. The b-side has an even more sorrowful tune from a guy who lost his father and now he is all alone. Both pieces are precise and to the point. Let the season begin!" - Vital Weekly.

Title: The Incandescent Gramaphone
Format: 10" (78 RPM)
Label: Poobah
Country: USA
Price: $8.50
"This project was done as a cross between a community art project and an experiment with crossing new and old music technology. Recchion wanted to make an object out of its time but still utilize current methodologies as well as older mediums of sound reproduction. The output of that effort is this new 78. The compositions on the record all derive their sounds from 78rpm records- the clicks, the scratches and samples, as well as the sounds that the record makes as an object in 3 dimensional space. **This 78 is limited to 500 made, with 100 being strewn across Old Pasadena as a found object.**" - Poobah.

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