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Title: Sticky Wickets
Format: CDR
Label: Digitalis
Country: USA
Price: $10.00
"Manpack Variant is the persistently intermittent commingling of electronicists Jaime Fennelly (Peeesseye, peeinmyfacewithsurgery, Phantom Limb & Bison) and Chris Peck, resulting in transcendent sound rituals and unexplainable detritus such as the recent "Flash Vault" 7" split with Gerritt on Misanthropic Agenda and now "Sticky Wickets," the bands first full-length CD.

"Sticky Wickets" will take the paint off your walls. Bone-crunching noises fly in an analog heaven, short on altitude but high on fire? Insanity? Asylums? Try it all on for size. Manpack Variant are bringing barrels of concrete to the show, ready to build a scuzzed-out monument complete with skeleton electronics and bags of fuzz. And to add even more sparkle, "Sticky Wickets" features original artwork by Jason McLean.

Entranced by latent characteristics of military-industrial sound hardware, Manpack Variant has laid audiences from Vienna to Vancouver (to waste) with there own special bland of ecstatic nose drool. Ambient ambient ambient!

Ambient ambient ambient!

Four years now they have failed to either get a sharper blade or have a new one made. Take a load off: the album woks!" - Digitalis

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