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Title: First I Look At The Tits - 1997 Out-Takes
Format: Cass
Label: 80/81
Country: USA
Price: $6.50
"..9 unreleased tracks from a 1997 recording session. Released early 2011 in a limited run of 100, the band immediately sold them out while on a reunion tour throughout Finland. The re-release will see 250 copies made, on 30 minute chrome tapes. Comes with a fold-out j-card featuring artwork by the band, and American flag tape labels." - 80/81.

Title: The Puute Plays Liimanarina - Live At Le Piss: Pillunpuute, Perusnegatiivisuus, Yleinen Saamattomuus & Tappiomieliala
Format: LP
Label: Temmikongi
Country: Finland
Price: $21.00
"Most albums sold in America a Finnish anarchist folk-rock or punk, outlaw country (or even, fuck, avant-garde AOR: aa ijien own opinion) plays the glue-fucking-creak release their first live nitteens nearly a quarter of a century-long earthly journey. This is also the first time through the ages, when they have anyone to save a live performance suosilla. In fact, they have not heard that either bothered or even want to record your own performances, let alone listen to them. "Im notve never interested in anything, youve determined what part, of other such stage. Sit cause its over, move on to others, preferably a couple of outdoor activities. The next album, the next gig is always trkeempi such previous" explains the bands set, singer and guitarist Olli "Amoco Cadiz, "Valdez-clack, who has made all the Liimiksen words except those of the Finnish language, Mikael developer of" Coke "Agricola, came up with it before. Dust-covered cobwebs among the history books show that the glue-fucking-creaking last public appearance would be in Dublin on 16/06/1904. The reason for the LNs [amerikanenglantilaisittain, Ellens] silence, at the end of the 90th century onwards has been mainly in the fact that Olli is leillyt / lived longer periodeja North Ameriikoissa and the British Isles, inexplicably basiallisesti B has baikoissa that start ... Boise Idaho ... Bethlehem ... Belfast, Bristol, Brixton, Brrrrrrrrum. Own words, Olli has now come to visit only and not to be here, "brezhnevilisess police state, where gossip and back attacks have come to faith and piittaamisen place." Believes that this level will also nails the indie rock business for the end game is just about the exploiters and the exploited. "There is nothing to steadily pay anything, all pitis ilmatteeks do ... something for nothing is everybodys plan." Oh yes, indeed. Meanwhile, the LN of all the other discs, Halloween, trumpets and drums played the Christmas Karri Place, ROPERTIES is piirrellyt comics suttaillut toilets and walls. The bands other current members, suomi talande bttre Folk, lead Guitarrista Lasse Larsson Keep your aura, and the bass player with Teemu B-52 Widow are a better band, [and who knows what other] lack soitelleet The lack of addition. Grandma kickers and Childmole Station poppoissa. The forthcoming "Heather president, the prime minister Jesus to all of you," Finnish tour Liimanarinaakin legendary (if it is even possible - well, at least more sotureitansa lost along the way) Cockpits Orchestra Scrooge "Croesus," my-luck-Seppl, oral solution, Teemu, Peter on bass, because poeka you have cheap holidays in other peoples deprivation and misery in sunny New Belsen." - Temmikongi via Google auto-translate.

Confusingly credited to "The Puute", this is LIIMANARINA, minus Kake Puhuu. This is their first release since the 1995 Drag City record (the "First I Look At The Tits" 97 demos cass doesnt count) and it seems like, thankfully, they havent really "evolved" too much. "..a caveman-level Finnish take on the chopped-line, mussed-hair, skeletal-rockabilly-period Fall that everyone goes glassy-eyed over, the 80-83 period." - Ryan W, Static Party. Recorded live at Lepakkomies, Helsinki 1.10.2010.

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