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Title: Afterbathinginturpentine
Format: 7"
Label: Mustard
Country: USA
Price: $30.00
"Wonderfully damaged sounding post punk experimental rock in a disjunctive Beefheart-by-way-of-Tin-Huey stylee from this Cleveland underground scenester. Andrew was the brother of Styrenes/Mirrors member Jamie Klimek and a member of Ex-Blank-Ex, but the reemergence of this sick treasure should hopefully insure some notoriety for him in his own right." - Mutantsounds.

"...a neat slab that I recall reading all about (via the COVENTRY SHOPPING NEWS) at the REAL WORLD THEATER/Phantasy Nightclub back in July of 79 while awaiting Bernie and the Invisibles trek to the clubs tiny stage. And really, that article was a porverbial brain-buster for back then Klimeks future-and-ex-wife Charlotte Pressler made both Klimek and this upcoming EP out to be one of the more exciting efforts to come out of the Cle area in quite some time. Not only by detailing Klimeks varied history in the underground (having jammed with brother Jamies Mirrors in 1973 [age twelve] playing echoplex and stylophone before forming Tender Buttons and joining Ex-Blank-Ex/Johnny and the Dicks!) but with his entire home-spun musical vocabulary which once again took the Velvet Underground into even more uncharted realms that seemed oh-so-apocalyptic back in those brave new days. And yeah, even all that got dumped into the eternal commode of useless ideas we put so much stock in at one time once the eternal magic of the Velvets filtered down into the barren-brainfold of the likes of Michael Stipe, but back in 1978 the promulgation of post-Velvets rock was a mighty noble endeavor indeed and for that Klimek should be eternally saluted! Playing with an all-star band (former Ex-Blank-Ex bassist Jim Ellis of CLE fame, ex-Mirrors/Ex-Blank-Ex Michael Weldon on drums and Weldons brother Christopher on glass and electric saw), Klimek sure puts out one mighty fine slice of just what Cleveland meant for moren a few hungry rockists back in those best/worst of time days. And thats not only with a sound and vision thats firmly rooted in that citys Velvet Underground appreciation, but with the same wild approach to the rock subject-at-hand that has the same quirkiness and feeling which typified a whole lotta other smart projects that came outta the area at the time. Everything from Brian Sands REHEATED CHOCOLATE TANGOES to the early Pere Ubu sound was somehow channeled into this recording which takes the standard Velvets drone (thanks to Chris Weldons saw?) and reshapes it into something a whole lot more twisted, sort of like Brian Eno doing HERE COME THE WARM JETS after attending an abnormal psych seminar. Things do come to a head on "Drapery Hooks of my Love" where the admitted Beefheart influence spreads out into even more frightening vistas, especially when the music is suddenly being played backwards. I remember hearing this at the Drome back in 80 asking in jest how the guy playing it for me (some hippie who was biz partners with Johnny Dromette) got his turntable to spin backwards. I dont think the joke hit him in quite the right way, but it was rather invigorating." - Chris Stigliano, Black To Comm.

Stash of original, unplayed and more or less NM copies (in storage for 30+ years!) of the most elusive Mustard release. #28 in J.Kugelbergs top 100 DIY singles, the second highest US entry after the Handgrenades, and regularly hitting $150-$200 the last decade, this is a classic of 70s mid-american avant-rock weirdness. Very highly recommended!!!

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