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Artist: FELL, MARK
Title: Intra
Format: LP
Label: Boomkat Editions
Country: UK
Price: $25.00
"Intra is Mark Fells fascinating study in computer generated rhythm, performed by Drumming Grupo De Percussão on the Sixxen metallophone system: a set of six microtonally tuned instruments originally conceived by Iannis Xenakis for use on Pléäides (1976). Commissioned by Portos Fundação de Serralves, the eight-part Intra develops from Fells Focal Music series and his projects with Indian Carnatic musicians. It probes the perceptive difference between ideas of simplicity and complexity by instructing acoustic instrumentalists via electronic triggers relayed through headphones, an idea previously explored on the Time and Space Shapes for Gamelan installation Fell made in collaboration with Laurie Spiegel (Sheffield, 2017), as well as earlier collaborations between Fell and noted virtuoso improvisors Okkyung Lee, Laura Cannell, Sandro Mussida, and Aby Vulliamy. It is important to acknowledge Fells ongoing interests in the systems of Carnatic music, the Southern form of Indian classical music whose mathematical sound rules are practically inseparable from musical expression in a way thats difficult to comprehend from a Western perspective. In terms of rhythm, Carnatic musicians perform within a set of rules, or tala, whose seven structures each have five variations, resulting in 35 possible combinations -- many more than the usual Western structures of minor and major scales. Heard in context of Carnatic systems, Intra becomes a crafty and even wittily playful piece of sound art, one which undermines deeply entrenched conventions and perceptions of music, both composed and improvised, generated and performed, in a way thats entirely pleasurable, even strangely soothing in its stilted trickle of off kilter tones. Artwork by Joe Gilmore. Edited by Rian Treanor. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton." - Boomkat Editions.

Artist: FELL, MARK
Title: UL8
Format: CD
Label: Editions Mego
Country: Austria
Price: $16.00
"Written and recorded in Whitby, York and Rotherham (UK) during summer 2010 by Mark Fell (one-half of the duo snd). Mastered at Dubpates and Mastering Berlin in 2010 by Lupo. Part 1: The Occultation of 3C 273. Using 32 operator frequency modulation synthesis configured in 16 pairs of operator and modulator. Frequency, modulation ratio and amount determined by linear interpolation between two spatial extremes, with further interpolation over variable temporal divisions. Panned at equal positions around the circumference of a circle using high order ambisonics. First implemented for the DVD Attack On Silence (Line Records 2008) and developed for the cassette release Thunder Bollocks with Evol (Alku 2009). The compositions here also feature modified Roland TR707 and Linn kick drum samples. Part 2: Vortex Studies with 2, 4 or 8 channel rectangular waveforms with variable pulse width subject to frequency modulation from synchronized sine functions with variable phase offsets. Initially implemented with synchronized blue light at Algorithm, Glade (Thatcham 2008) with further presentations at Enjoy (Leeds 2008), Centre dArt Santa Mònica, Sónar (Barcelona 2008), Three Pieces For Unattended, Somewhat Attended and Attended Computer (Sheffield 2008), Avoid (Leeds 2009), Three Neurocognitive Approaches To The Formation Of Cross-Modal Objecthood (Rotherham 2009) Sonic Materialities (Sheffield 2010) and as Supersymmetry at Matter-Space-Motion (Elsecar 2010). Here with percussion synthesis. -Editions Mego "This project takes its name from the Celestion UL8 speaker. My older brother bought a pair of these when I was starting comprehensive school, and between his 10cc and Supertramp records, I first encountered very loud electronically-synthesized sound. I soon noticed a pattern emerging in my musical tastes which excluded guitars or drums. Instead, I favored almost exclusively the electronic textures and rhythms of The Human League, Fad Gadget and other synthesizer-based music of that period. I was quite curious about this prejudice and would try to work out why Kraftwerk sounded so much better than a rock band of the time. Since then, my interest was in the texture of synthetic sound -- there was something much more beautiful (and perhaps more emotionally-charged) about a sustained square wave than any guitar solo. Soon, I began to search out and replay sections of music which dropped to a single sound -- these, for some reason, were the best." -Mark Fell

Artist: FELL, MARK
Title: Focal Music #3, #4, #5a, #5b
Format: Cass
Label: The Tapeworm
Country: UK
Price: $8.00
"This series of works on this cassette began in 2011 when I attended a workshop/residency program led by the British sound artist, composer and performer Jan Hendrickse. During a workshop session I played a pattern generating system via headphones to a drummer, Patrik Jarlestam, who played a single snare drum. The basic premise of the work was that the performer should follow the pattern as accurately as possible, and to see what happened at the moments when the pattern changed - i.e. to foreground the performers attempts to follow the pattern and their ability to cope with the subtle yet unusual changes. The pattern itself consists of a single percussive sound. The timing of the sound is determined by a list of five values ranging from one to 11 that represent timing intervals... Although the patterns are relatively simple, and as a listener one can assimilate their form quite easily, it can be quite difficult to play along to them especially at those moments of change. So the piece can be thought of as a kind of intervention into the musical training and embedded musical vocabularies that the performer brings to the work. The point of the piece is not a perfect recital, but the difficulties that the performer encounters and the musical moments that these difficulties produce. Unfortunately I believe there is no recording of Jarlestams first performance of this piece - Focal Music #1. The piece was performed a second time by Okkyung Lee during her residency at Cafe Oto, London 2015. Focal Music #3 was performed with Laura Cannell at Baltic 39 (Newcastle, 2015) for Broken Telephone, an event which formed part of Peter J. Evanss exhibition Across Islands, Divides. Focal Music #4 was performed with Aby Vulliamy at The Leeds Library (Leeds, 2015). Focal Music #5a and Focal Music #5b were recorded with Sandro Mussida at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe, 2016) in the Kubus studio. The piece, performed on piano, takes two forms: the first based upon a six note pitch set of which any two notes are played at the same time; the second is formed of five discreet layers each with a single note. These were played in isolation following the same guide pattern and then later overlaid to form a single pseudo chord." - Mark Fell. Tracks mastered for this release by Phil Julian; Edition of 150.

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