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Artist: FAUST
Title: So Far
Format: LP
Label: 4 Men With Beards
Country: USA
Price: $23.00
2012 repress, 180 gram vinyl. "Originally released in 1972, this is the second album from Uwe Nettelbecks legendary Krautrock group Faust. More song oriented than the first record, So Far is an absolute stone classic of outsider (pop) music reissued here in its original packaging (including reproductions of all 10 inserts). Received a 9.6 rating from Pitchfork Media." -4 Men With Beards.

Artist: FAUST
Title: Just Us
Format: LP/CD
Label: Bureau B
Country: Germany
Price: $27.00
"Includes full album on CD. Faust for all. The Krautrock legends lay down the musical foundations for everyone else to make something of their own. "j US t" -- pronounced "Just Us" -- is the new album from legendary Hamburg band, Faust. Founding members Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier have laid down 12 musical foundations, inviting the whole world to use them as a base on which to build their own music. The tracks presented by Peron and Diermaier are clearly, intrinsically typical of Faust in their own right, yet offer enough space for completely different works to develop. Which is exactly what they hope will happen. While Diermaier largely remains true to his habitual handiwork -- drums and percussion --Peron, as we might expect, incorporates all manner of unusual sonic sources alongside his bass, various string instruments and piano, even using a sewing machine as a metronome. Tracks like "nur nous" and "ich bin ein pavian" show that Faust have lost none of their predilection for avant-garde Dadaism and improvisation. Peron and Diermaier actually surprise us with folkloristic excursions ("cavaquinho," "gammes"). In short, there is something for everyone to work with here. Peron and Diermaier await the results with bated breath. Faust will follow the same principle on the accompanying tour by inviting local artists to collaborate with them on stage. The history of the band: "There is no group more mythical than Faust." Thus wrote English musician and eccentric Julian Cope. Which says it all really, neither the habitus nor the music of the Hamburg group was easy to grasp. While some lauded Faust as the best thing that ever happened to rock, others dismissed them as shameless dilettantes. Their collage of Dadaism, avant garde rock and free improvisation radically divided opinion. When the first LP was unleashed on the world in 1971, Faust were very much the prophet in their own land, as the saying goes: few were interested in listening to their music -- in Germany. Not so across the Channel: this is where Fausts career really kickstarted. These monoliths of avant-garde rock sold 100,000 copies of their album The Faust Tapes. More than 40 years after their debut, Faust have come up with another archetypical album: inspiring, innovative, unpredictable, crossing boundaries, anarchic - Faustian!" - Bureau B.

Artist: FAUST
Title: S/T
Format: LP
Label: Lilith
Country: Russian Federation
Price: $26.00
Repressed. "Legendary German post-rock band formed in 1971 by undisputed noise pioneer Uwe Nettelbeck, Faust garnered an immediate following due to its artistically extreme experimentations with music cut-ups and other mixed sources hinging on cacophony and distortion. Dont miss their 1971 cult classic debut, now reissued with its original clear printed sleeve on clear vinyl." - Lilith.

Artist: FAUST
Title: So Far / Its A Bit Of A Pain
Format: 7"
Label: Play Loud!
Country: Germany
Price: $10.00
“2010 reissue. First reissue of Fausts only 7", originally released only in Germany, France, and the UK in 1972. This reissue bears the original artwork and was remastered by Faust member Hans-Joachim Irmler from the original recordings. Both tracks are non-LP versions. It is said that "Its a Bit of Pain" was John Peels favorite Faust track. Archive your music on vinyl!” - Play Loud!

Artist: FAUST
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Recommended
Country: UK
Price: $17.00
2016 repress. "In 1971, Polydor entered a deal with Uwe Nettelbeck to assemble a musical ensemble that could compete with the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and Small Faces. Before the release of their debut, Faust would send tapes to Polydor containing anything from studio experiments to recordings of someone washing dishes. Allmusic critic Archie Patterson lauded the bands accomplishment, writing that The impact of Faust cannot be overstated; their debut album was truly a revolutionary step forward in the progress of rock music. He awarded Faust four and a half out of five stars, concluding that the level of imagination is staggering, the concept is totally unique and its fun to listen to as well. The first 1971 Polydor (transparent) album and one of the great testaments to originality and innovation in the field, this album took two years to create, but in the 45 years since has come to be recognized as a breathtaking achievement, which hasnt aged. Remastered, repackaged for the ReR Megacorp release, which is also a part of the Faust Wumme Years Box Set." - Recommended.

Artist: FAUST
Title: 71 Minutes
Format: Double LP
Label: Recommended/Goodfellas
Country: Italy
Price: $40.00
2016 repress. "With Magma, Faust was one of the most important of all the European groups of the 70s. Compiled from lost and unreleased material, originally released as Munich & Elsewhere on the 10th Anniversary of their disbandment (inc. prophetic pre-dub mixing) as well as most of the unreleased Faust Party 3 LP. Intense, eccentric, hypnotic, a true timeless classic." 180 gram vinyl." - Recommended/Goodfellas.

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