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Title: Klaar
Format: LP
Label: Black Truffle
Country: Australia
Price: $24.00
"Black Truffle present the first ever vinyl reissue of legendary performance and sound artist John Duncans forgotten gem Klaar, originally released by Extreme in 1991 and partly created in collaboration with Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio). Duncan is perhaps most well-known for his notorious early performances pieces, which explored violence, self-denial, and the establishment of extreme psychological and physical states in both artist and audience. Alongside these transgressive experiments, Duncan began to create audio works primarily using short wave radio. Where some of Duncans earlier recordings are composed of magnificently sculpted but abrasive walls of noise, Klaar, recorded while Duncan was living in Amsterdam, occupies a more meditative territory. Opening with "Delta", which layers long tones seemingly sourced from slowed down voices over a distant, watery field recording, the remainder of the first side is occupied with the epic title piece, which arranges shortwave radio abstraction, vocal experiments, and field recordings (street sounds, fireworks, monastic chants) into an episodic cinema for the ear. The second side is dominated by the long, brooding "The Immense Room", where layers of shortwave interference and field recordings are gradually built up into a pulsing, wavering bed of sound infused with a subtly disturbing sense of psychological unrest. This rises to the surface near the end of the piece as sexual moans and ominous rumbles crisscross the stereo image before being abruptly brought to a halt. A singular work of electroacoustic composition, Klaar is both compositionally sophisticated and infused with a sense of mystery and a vital reality often lacking in more academic experimental music; it sits proudly alongside contemporaneous recordings by Duncans friends and collaborators Jim ORourke and Christoph Heemann and is a must for anyone interested in their work. Cover image and John Duncan portrait by Traianos Pakioufakis. LP design by Stephen OMalley. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin." - Black Truffle.

Title: The Nazca Transmissions
Format: LP
Label: Planam
Country: Italy
Price: $29.00
"On Christmas Eve, 2004, John Duncan received a mysterious email from an archaeologist working at the site of the Nazca Lines in Peru. He claimed to have discovered, and over time recorded, a variety of sounds actually generated by the enigmatic lines themselves. Familiar with Duncans Infrasound-Tidal, composed from source recordings taken from tides, seismic activity and barometric data from the Australian coastline, he suggested to Duncan the composition of a piece with these sources. All of the sources were modified in the studio of John Duncan, some radically, to bring out an unsettling, haunting quality. In mid-June 2005, the glorious 5-track piece was finally ready. John Duncan sent several messages to the archaeologist, none of them ever answered or returned. A hard disk crash effectively destroyed all of the email correspondence between them. What remains are the notes he sent that ostensibly describe the details of sites and times for the source recordings. Those notes have been reproduced on the insert included in this edition, also presenting John Duncan liner notes. First pressing limited to 380 copies, with embossed total-black cover, insert and full-color inner sleeve with wonderful space images of the Nazca Lines." - Planam.

Title: First Recordings 1978-1985
Format: 3LP/DVD Box Set
Label: Vinyl-On-Demand
Country: Germany
Price: $92.00
"John Duncan and his early tape-recordings (Station Event, No, Probe, Gain and Dark Market Broadcast) for the first time on vinyl in a nice deluxe and embossed 3LP box/booklet/DVD (Prayer, 1982)." - Vinyl-On-Demand. "The DVD is probably PAL (European) format and reissues "Prayer" from 1982, plus "Phantom" from the RRR Testament video from 1987. Includes early recordings when John was a non-official LAFMS associate, with Tom Recchion (live KPFK broadcast from 78). Most of this reissues early cassette-only releases, issued by AQM, Ptose Production, Cause & Effect. Immaculate heavy-box presentation by VOD." - FE.

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