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Title: Rougher Squalor
Format: LP
Label: Ever/Never
Country: USA
Price: $15.00
“Crawling out of the deep, dark hole they dug for themselves on Bottom Feeder (2011) and Sweaty Hands (2012), New York Citys premier psychedelic swamp rock unit DeGreaser are set to take an unsuspecting and tepid rock scene by storm. Courtesy of NYCs Ever/Never Records, Rougher Squalor is DeGreaser 2.0. The band has evolved from their previous caveman dirges into a true power trio, heavy on the muscle and out for blood.

Drawing inspiration from classic bands like Blue Cheer, The Groundhogs and Coloured Balls, to outer-limits rock deconstruction reminiscent of the finest Japanese ensembles such as Mainliner and High Rise, DeGreaser are able to satisfy the need to bang your head, and also the desire to immerse said head in glorious waves of wah-wah pedal abuse. The squalor part of the title is no joke, as main Greaser Tim Evans – formerly of noted Aussie band Bird Blobs – drenches the proceedings in a sheen of speaker-shredding noise that would make the likes of James Williamson sit up and take notice. Anchored by the granite-solid rhythm section of drummer John Coates and bassist Kristian Brenchley (Woman/Ballroom), Evans is free to blast his surroundings with all manner of ear-piercing and –tickling tones.

But lets not make the mistake of filing Rougher Squalor under the section labeled Headcleaners. There are great songs waiting here for you. Opener “Words in Your Mouth” establishes the bands ability to harness melody and write memorable tunes. Straightforward rocker “Follow Me Down” is a hook-y request to join Evans in the downtown shadows. Tracks like “Got No Need” and “Do Me In” come off like Screaming Trees after an acid bath, while fleet-footed rockers like “You Said” and “Doorway” get in n out before you know what hit you. With Rougher Squalor, DeGreaser has staked out their territory and are defending it with the considerable rock power that they can muster.

Like previous DeGreaser albums, Rougher Squalor features Evans haunting artwork adorning the cover on an old-school tip-on jacket.” - Ever/Never.

Title: Bottom Feeder
Format: LP
Label: Negative Guest List
Country: Australia
Price: $18.00
"I was late to arrive on the alternating Sea Scouts and Bird Blobs trams, but was well aware that many peers and elders held those groups in high esteem. While the DEGREASER record may contain whiffs of the fog the Scouts/Blobs left in their wake, this is a beast in and of itself; enlivened by splashes of chrome strippin black-hole psych and No Wave malice. You might hear bits & pieces from principal songwriter TIM EVANs other bands over the years, among them BOGAN DUST and more recently, COCONUTS. Facts bein facts though, you could just as well do w/out hearing any of whats come before from Tim & co and still get a kick out of DeGreaser and their debut long-player Bottom Feeder. Here are nine tracks that will make you hit the wall or nosedive onto gravel. A pitch-perfect addition to our ever growing roster of gnarled eerie sounds; DeGreaser are a destruction unit of the highest caliber, worth yer chump change no matter what time you happened to tune in. Mastered by STEVEN SMITH." -Negative Guest List

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