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Title: Dreams of Falling
Format: Cass
Label: Körper/Leib
Country: Italy
Price: $9.00
"This is the repress of “Dreams of Falling”, the first album by musician and poet Sandra Bell, from New Zealand." - Körper/Leib.
"The record was born after a discussion with Peter Jefferies in Dunedin, about rerecording the song “Industrial Night“.I had known Peter vaguely from Auckland but never worked with him. “Industrial Night” was on my first vinyl release the EP “Blackbirds” which I had recorded in Auckland, and I wanted to reinterpret it. For the next year, from the end of 1990 until the end of 1991, we also recorded a back log of my other songs on and off at our home in Maitland St, and also Fish St and Studio 13. Peter was a master of the Teac 4 track, and of musical arrangement. I was able to experiment and realise the potential of each song with his advanced skills. It seems miraculous looking back now that it was all done on 4 tracks, bouncing down at times and using two 4 tracks at one time for other tracks. I remember a cut in a song meant an actual cut of the tape, which Peter did with precision and skill. The wonderful musicians who played on the album took the songs from mundane to sublime- David Mitchells lead break on Industrial Night was exhilarating and exciting, Kathy Bull added clever bass lines, Peters industrial drumming was a constant force, Alastair Galbraiths violin, Bruce Bluchers guitar, and the unmistakable distorted keyboards of Peter Gutteridge all added intrinsically to the final sound . Actually Peter Gutteridge recently said to me about Subway Nihilism” I should have got a co- writing credit for that song” as it was created in a session at Maitland St, when I put a poem to his riff, so he was right about that. A couple of the songs where influenced by a spell living alone in the Queensland rain forest- Manai is influenced by aboriginal music and legend, as was Waitawhile, which is the name of a spikey rainforest plant. The Country girls is a song for my sister Jean, about the loss of our mother when we were young. Floating aground was written about Aramoana- Peter and I had been inside for a few days totally absorbed in recording-I was speaking to my elderly neighbour who told me 13 people had been killed at Aramoana, I thought she was completely mad, but so sadly it was true. We were at Aramoana for a memorial service, and walking along the beach there were flowers in the water, which reminded me of St Marie De La Mere in the Sth of France, where the gypsys take an effigy of St Marie into the sea each year. Dreams of Falling was picked up by Xpressway who had released Peters album, then by Turbulence in Belgium, and opened up a new world for me which led on to another 3 albums, tours of America and Europe." - Sandra Bell.

Title: Dreams of Falling
Format: LP
Label: Straight to Video
Country: USA
Price: $18.00
"Sandra Bells Dreams of Falling is an experimental tour de force that ranges from ethereal sound collage to poetic industrial noise. Originally released as a cassette on New Zealands Xpressway label in 1991, the record also features Peter Jefferies, Peter Gutteridge, Alastair Galbraith, Kathy Bull, David Mitchell and Bruce Blucher. Essential listening for any NZ underground music fan." - Straight to Video.

“Secret NZ Ripper made in Dunedin in 90-91. Originally released as a cassette on Xpressway, the record boasts this nearly unfathomable cast in addition to Sandra Bell herself:
- David Mitchell (Exploding Budgies, Goblin Mix, 3Ds, Ghost Club) - Bruce Blucher (Alpaca Brothers, Trash, Cyclops) - Kathy Bull (Look Blue Go Purple, Cyclops) - Alastair Galbraith (the Rip, Plagal Grind) - Peter Gutteridge (The Clean, Great Unwashed, Snapper) - Peter Jefferies (Nocturnal Projections, This Kind Of Punishment, Plagal Grind, Two Foot Flame, Cyclops)
Dreams Of Falling holds a singular place in both Sandra Bells discography and the evolution of New Zealands underground music. Bell is a singer, songwriter and poet, currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, who has been making records since 1984. Each one is marked by the place and time where it was made. The moody folk rock of Blackbirds, from 1986, expressed the anxiety of existence in Aucklands inner city while City Of Sorrows, made over a decade later in Berlin, articulated the instability of expatriate life in post-reunification Germany.
Dreams Of Falling was made in Dunedin during 1990-91, when many of the more aspirant Flying Nun pop crowd had abandoned NZs South island. The Xpressway label had united the disaffected non-conformists left behind into a self-reliant cadre, and the LPs personnel reads like an Xpressway whos who. David Mitchell (Exploding Budgies, Goblin Mix, 3Ds, Ghost Club) and Bruce Blucher (Alpaca Brothers, Trash, Cyclops) contribute stone-powdering guitar to three tracks, Kathy Bull (Look Blue Go Purple, Cyclops) bass to two, and Alastair Galbraith (the Rip, Plagal Grind) keening violin to one more. Peter Gutteridges (The Clean, Great Unwashed, Snapper) distorted keyboard is a defining presence on two more. But Peter Jefferies (Nocturnal Projections, This Kind Of Punishment, Plagal Grind, Two Foot Flame, Cyclops) drumming, piano, guitar, and 4-track tape wizardry are by far the strongest shaping forces on Dreams Of Falling.
The album constitutes a convergence of the unvarnished Xpressway sound world and poetic lyrical expression. Bell is a poet as well as a songwriter, so words matter, and she often uses them to articulate experiences of displacement and an accompanying sense of loss. Maori legend, Australian geography, urban blight, and local catastrophe — “Floating Aground” responds to the mass shooting at nearby Aramoana — are all present in Dreams Of Falling. It is at once a deeply personal work and a nodal point, focusing the inspiration of predecessors like The Raincoats and This Heat and projecting it into a future where artists like Azalia Snail and Circuit Des Yeux pay close attention.” - Bill Meyer, May 2016.

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