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Title: Peri
Format: LP + CD
Label: 3Lobed
Country: USA
Price: $22.00
"In early 2008, Bardo Pond and Three Lobed Recordings teamed up to assemble Batholith, a collection of tracks that were close to the bands heart but for various reasons had never been released. The result was an extremely cohesive and vital statement that was positively received by both old and new Bardo Pond fans. During the compilation of Batholith, the band had to agonize over the wealth of material that they were sitting on in constructing the ultimate tracklisting -- there were too many good songs. The band approached this problem by structuring two sister albums, Batholith and Peri, each possessing their own musical themes and each fully capable of standing independent from the other. For this reason, Peri is every bit as potent as its predecessor. The meticulous sequencing of Peris five tracks provides a classic Bardo Pond experience. While the initial description of the material might lead one to think that these tracks are outtakes or cutting-room floor type material, neither conclusion could be further from the truth. The band is quite excited to finally see all of the material on Peri venture into the public. For example, Chicken Gun will be recognizable to the bands longtime fans. A former live staple from 1996 through 1998 (even making an appearance in the bands set at the first Terrastock festival), it is a propulsive and fiery rocker every bit as monumental as some of the bands classics such as lb. and Tommy Gun Angel. The Path is a subtle number featuring floating flute work from Isobel Sollenberger. The album-closing Silver Pavilion is the sort of meditative psychedelia that has been Bardo Ponds calling card over their lengthy career. The track dates to the bands extremely fertile, yet barely documented, period between the release of Dilate and On the Ellipse. ;Silver Pavilions slow, enveloping build properly see the listener to the door and is reminiscent of such flawless Bardo closing tracks as RM, Aldrin and Night Of Frogs. Peri is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl and is housed within heavy old-style one-pocket Stoughton gatefold jackets bearing new collage work from Michael Gibbons." -3Lobed

Title: Without A Doubt
Format: 7"
Label: Drawing Room
Country: USA
Price: $6.00
"Recorded at Lemur House, Philadelphia 2011-2013."

Title: Ticket Crystals
Format: Double LP
Label: Fire
Country: UK
Price: $33.00
"The sixth studio album from Philadelphias foremost purveyors of psychedelic space rock. Appearing for the first time on double heavy weight vinyl and with brand new artwork by Joy Feasley, Bardo Ponds 2006 album Ticket Crystals exemplifies the quintets signature doom tempo, multi-layered drones while introducing a lighter pastoral feel." -Fire.

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