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Artist: ASTRO
Title: Cosmic Mosque on the Magical Mountain Top
Format: CDR
Label: 8mm
Country: France
Price: $13.00
"Its a honour for me to release this one. Playing his magical EMS synth, Hiroshi Hasegawa (ex CCCC) drives his spaceship into a psychedelic trip between galaxies. "Cosmic mosque on the magical mountain top" is a long, intense track that combines some classic kozmische elements with massive walls of noise. Definitivo. 150 copies." -8mm.

Artist: ASTRO
Title: Deformation Receiver
Format: 7"
Label: Dead Mind
Country: Netherlands
Price: $6.00
Edition of 200. 2012 release by Hiroshi Hasegawa of C.C.C.C., Nord, etc. “Astros “Deformation Receiver,” decked in cloudy gray cityscapes, sees another weathered veteran propel abuse at his listeners. This time around there are no overtures towards concept art; instead Hiroshi Hasegawa reaches straight for the trachea with his screechy brand of harsh. There really is nothing quite like a noisester in his third decade of activity… there is a massiveness to this sound that is lost on many of the fledgling noise acts of today. Consider the heft of "Hurricane Crash," in which curlicues of metallic shrapnel creak out of a thick, static background. "Deformation Receiver," meanwhile, evokes a video game where the protagonist is summarily dropped into a deadly pit with each new game. Arising from the void, the squelchy electric noise-blade swings juicily, over and over, continually peppered by a miasma of shit. There is no escape from the evisceration that awaits you, Super Mario.” - Dead Mind.

Artist: ASTRO
Title: Colorization of Sound
Format: Cass
Label: Irrational Arts
Country: UK
Price: $8.00
2014 release. Three live recordings of Astro (Hiroshi Hasegawa of C.C.C.C., Hijokaidan, et al, here featuring Hiroko Hasegawa). Edition of 115.

Artist: ASTRO
Title: Japanese Royal Blue
Format: LP
Label: Turgid Animal
Country: UK
Price: $22.00
"Two live recordings of pure and painful synth noise bliss from psychedelic harsh noise master HIROSHI HASEGAWA (ex-C.C.C.C., MORTAL VISION, etc.). Edition of 250." -Turgid Animal

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