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Title: Noli Me Tangere
Format: 7"
Label: Look Plastic/Noisyland
Country: New Zealand
Price: $15.00
Reissue of this legendary and incredibly rare split 7" from Christchurch NZ, 1982. Repressed in an edition of 284 copies. Features members of THE SPIES (see recent LP on Siltbreeze), THE PUDDLE (Flying Nun), etc...
AND BAND: George D. Henderson, Susan Ellis, Mark Thomas, Richard Sedger.
PERFECT STRANGERS: William Vosburgh III, Mark Thomas, Wilhelm Ruifrok, Richard Uti.

"Had the antipodean bastard twins of Beefheart and the Residents released a record in Christchurch of the early 80, this would have been it. Nearly 20 minutes of 2-track-recorded improv psych, free skronk and clattering pop crammed onto a 33rpm split-7". Some of the 200 copies are housed in sleeves assembled and decorated by the members, by common friends (such as The Gordons) and their children some just came in a generic white sleeve, few were actually sold.

The And Band were the absconding Spies, a band around George Henderson, who had to leave Willingtons now legendary Terrace scene in 1980 after a criminal escapade relayed in the liner notes to their mandatory "Battle of Bosworth Terrace" LP (Siltbreeze 2014). Starting out with the chromosome damaged Pink Floyd tribute "Interstellar Gothic" (later also performed and recorded by Puddle, the lo-fi-pop-band Henderson formed after moving to Dunedin), the And Band-side then mutates into Susan Ellis twilight-sk-pop-nugget "We Are Right" and finishes off with a Can meets Ubu idiosyncrasy named "Hung From Dirty Wounds".

Things get weirder on side 2. The Perfect Strangers around art student Bill Vosburg shun rhythm and melody as too much mundane and deliver irritating and beautiful chaos between free-jazz and tape-collages. On surviving photos they look snappy like the Rough Trade house band circa 1978.

Both bands are immediately banned from Christchurch pubs and clubs and have to rely on open-air gigs and self organized shows at galleries. They always play a double bill, share an inner city commune, certain members and the collective ignorance of almost the entire population of Christchurch. The few malcontents who do listen however are so deeply impressed by the drug-propelled free improvisations, they inevitably form bands themselves. Axemen and Spacedust being just two of them. The split-single is scheduled for an Australian reissue at the end of 2016, therell be 300 this time." - Gregor Kessler, Dynamite Hemorrhage #3.

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