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Artist: 3 TOED SLOTH
Title: Jukebox Single #2
Format: 7"
Label: Negative Guest List
Country: Australia
Price: $10.00
"The second entry into our Jukebox Single series comes courtesy of NSW favorite forgotten sons, 3 Toed Sloth. Recently remastered recordings from the early 90s (from the same sessions as their recent Against the Odds 2x7" on Unwucht, w/ Gary Glitter and Pere Ubu covered to a typically grouse effect: the theatrics of the originals reduced to 2 minute primal Australian grunt." -Negative Guest List

Artist: 3 TOED SLOTH
Title: s/t
Format: LP
Label: Slothful
Country: Australia
Price: $28.00
Very last copies from the label. 1991 LP in an edition of 500. We have a handful with original covers/inserts. The rest are reprints made for 100 left-over LPs in 2009 (lighter blue on covers, scanned inserts). First come, first served.
- Negative Guest List, 2009.

Artist: 3 TOED SLOTH
Title: Against The Odds
Format: Double 7"
Label: Unwucht
Country: USA
Price: $18.00
Features feedtime drummer, Tom. "Six previously unreleased tracks from the dark ages of sydney in the early 90s a time when record shops, fanzines, small labels & venues were in their death throes if not already dead. Recorded live to 1/2" tape on a monday evening in early 93 by William a young fan then doing a recording engineers course who offered 3 toed sloth a free session at his TAFE college studio. The intended 7" never happened & the reels laid dormant in the bottom of a wardrobe for the next 17 years until Unwucht heard a rough mix taken from an old cassette tape & enthusiastically proposed releasing it. The 1/2" master was finally tracked down & mixed in september 2010. against the odds is now proudly presented by Unwucht in a hand xeroxed gatefold sleeve including a full colour postcard. Edition of 295 copies." -Unwucht.

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