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Artist: V/A
Title: Left of the Middle: Australian Soft Rock, Folk, Private Press & Otherwise
Format: Cass
Label: Redundancy Music
Country: Australia
Price: $7.00
"A scattered collection of the forgotten and fringe from the back roads of Australian popular music, genre-less wanderers left behind in subsequent Australian archeology. Mixture of crude private press and slick major label recordings; teenage thug sharpie rock, progressive folk musicians playing with and against the strains of bush music traditionalism, Bobb Trimblesque psych-folk, brief glimpses of West Coast singer songwriter beauty, alien flamenco guitar, baroque jazz, Hazlewood aping country artists, and the sound of people missing the mark. For some this may be a tougher listen then the harshest noise, others will find it a strange and rewarding journey into the unknown losers of Australian music history. Pro press, 20 tracks, 71 minutes, full notes included on insert." - Redundancy Music.


Howard Eynon – French Army (So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam, Basket Records, 1974/75, Tasmania)
Danny Graham – Well Make A Deal (In Amsterdam) (s/t, Sinsemille Music, 1980, New South Wales??)
Systems Go – Transatlantic Line (7”, no label, 1978, Adelaide)
Jim Minchin – You Cant Do More Than That (Seven Whole Days, Move Records, 1970(?), Melbourne)
The C.C.C. Band – Lemon Tree (Welcome To Cordial Land, no label, 1976, Brisbane)
Chris Freeman – Dennis Hallucinating (Thesilger, no label, 1976, Melbourne)
Cast of Cult – Red (Cult; A Musical About The Future, Reflection Records, 1973, Melbourne)
Jade – Rockin Orgy Pt. 1 (7”, Jade Records, 1977, Melbourne)
Greg Quill & Country Radio – Empty Pockets/Leaving The City (Fleetwood Plain, Harvest Records, 1971, Sydney)
Lee Conway – The Other Man (7”, Sweet Peach Records, mid 1970s, Adelaide)
Mike Quarmby – Muddy Murray River (Its Nothing You Could Ever Hang A Name On, EMS Gold Label, 1974?, Adelaide)


Doug Ashdown – Willies Shades (Leave Love Enough Alone, Billingsgate Records, 1974, Adelaide)
Janette Geri – River (Rising, Arts And Grafts Records, 1986, Melbourne)
Steam Shuttle – The Wee One/Rocking The Cradle (s/t, Larrikin Records, 1977, Sydney)
Cathie OSullivan – The Orange Tree (High Places, Larrikin Records, 1983, Sydney)
Margret Roadknight – Ice (Ice, Infinity Records, 1978, Sydney)
Trevor Swadling – Wheel of Fortune (7”, Midway Records, 1983, Sydney)
Tanseys Fancy – Aque Serven (s/t, no label, 1982/83, Sydney)
Penny Davies and Roger Ilott – Galaxy Shanty (The Proud and Careless Notes, Restless Recordings, 1984, Sydney)

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