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Title: Architecture
Format: LP
Label: Fun Music
Country: USA
Price: $28.00
After 15+ years, a restock of original , loose shrinked copies of this 1988 release on Philip Perkins Fun Music label. Recorded 1982-1988. "Fun Music began as an outlet for Scott Fraser, David Ocker, "Blue" Gene Tyranny (his more obscure works not then available from Lovely Music) and me. After a few years "Blue" and David lost interest in the label, and it continued on as a vehicle for recordings by Scott Fraser and myself. The label more or less shut down in 1995 when Scott and I began releasing work on Artifact Records.." - Philip Perkins.

Farfisa Organ, Casio MT30, Classical and Electric Guitar, Korg MS10, Prophet 600, Drum, Casio CZ101, Emulator II, Bottleneck Guitar, Effects [Found Voice, Tape Loop, Wind, Birds], Composer, Producer, Mixing, Recording - Scott Fraser. Bass Clarinet – David Ocker. Hardanger Fiddle – Loretta Kelley.Santur – Peggy Caton. Cello – Ed Willett.

Title: Shapiro, Vermeer, Florida, and San Francisco
Format: CD
Label: Fun Music
Country: USA
Price: $9.00
"Four pieces: "Shapiro Songs" are settings of 7 poems by Karl Shapiro, with vocals by Frederick Goff. "re: Vermeer" consists of 5 audio essays looking at the paintings of Jan Vermeer in fascination, respect and wonder. "South Florida Remote" is a highly subjective audio documentary on the Miami area, recorded on location, and commissioned by New Music America 1988. "San Francisco Remote" is a recording of an audio installation piece at the SF Arts Commission Gallery in 1988." - Fun. 1988 release.

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