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Title: Live in Concert 1973
Format: Double LP
Label: Best Brehodi
Country: Germany
Price: $48.00
Handnumbered edition of 500, signed by all 5 band members. "Necronomicon came from Aachen, Germany and they named themselves after a book of H. P. Lovecraft, a horror- and science-fiction-author, where all possible horrors on this earth are described. It was one of the few German prog-rock bands, whose vocals were in German, like Gäa or Eulenspygel. Their only release was recorded in 1972 in a small studio in Kerkrade." - Amber Soundroom.

"The music of Necronomicon [has] a similar style to Grobschnitt or Amon Düül II with the heaviness of Uriah Heep and the Political awareness of Floh De Cologne. It reflects the nightmarish Hieronymos Bosch-style cover art of their one and only album, created by Bernhard Hocks, and the apocalyptical visions presented in the lyrics." - Progarchives.com.

“In June 2014 a tape with the recording of a NECRONOMICON concert from 1973 (Neue Galerie, Altes Kurhaus Aachen) was discovered in the archives of the Aachen "Ludwig Forum Museum of Modern Art". It is interesting to note that the tape comprises live versions of all tracks from the 1972 LP "Tips zum Selbstmord" played by the original cast of band members from 1972. The live versions mostly are much longer than the 1972 studio recordings because the tracks had to be shortened for the studio record. Furthermore, the tape comprised a song lost since 1973 which NECRONOMICON during the last years had been searching for on this website. It is a sequel to the song "Die Stadt", named "Stadt II" (The Town II), dealing with the ugly aspects of our towns. There also is a song which was completely forgotten since then, because it was only composed for this single concert. Its name is "Ouverture". It is an instrumental track both with very heavy as well as very melodious and "classical" parts in the style of the Dutch groups "Focus" and "Ekseption". The stereo quality is astonishingly good; thus we decided to publish the tracks as a "historic" documentation on a double vinyl record. The cover top comes from a poster our drummer Harald Bernhard made in 1972. Only 500 numbered examples of the record were made. With the LP comes a download card which enables a server download of all tracks for private use. The new LP was presented for the first time to an interested public during a concert in the Ludwig Forum for Modern Art in Aachen on January 23rd, 2016…” - Necronomicon.

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